Python Programming & Cybersecurity – Web Attacks/Hacking | Udemy

Python Programming & Cybersecurity – Web Attacks/Hacking | Udemy
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Learn python, web application basics, web vulnerabilities and use python programming in creating web attacks

What you’ll learn
Careers in Python Programming
Python Basics
HTTP Basics
Kali Linux Basics
Web Attacks
Web Attacks using Python

Welcome to Python Programming & Cybersecurity – Web Attacks

In this course will be focusing on Python, Web Vulnerabilities and Web Attacks/Hacking.

The approach of this course is to learn Web Technologies,  then understand how we apply automation Web Attack automation using Python scripts.

Learn the basics of Python and web vulnerabilities based on OWASP Top 10 !  This course provides you at least 30 python sample scripts design for aspiring Web Application Firewall specialist and Web Application Penetration Testers

The course consist of whiteboarding discussions and lots of hands-on lab demonstrations.

The lab includes Kali Linux which is attackers and couple of target websites that we will hack. One is PHP Hack it Auction Site and Sytx Show Blog/Vlog web site.

This is course also prepares student for F5 303 ASM Specialist Exam. The course requires you to have not just F5 BIG-IP knowledge but also understand the concepts of web technologies, different web vulnerabilities and web attacks

Target Audience

Python Programmers (Aspiring)

Web Application Specialist

F5 ASM/Adv WAF Specialist

Security Engineers

Penetration Testers


Will cover basic Python

Will cover basic HTTP

Will cover basic web attacks

You won’t become a professional Hacker

Need to learn many things

Software Technologies

Linux – Kali, Ubuntu


Python 3.X

Web Applications – HackIT Auction and Styx Show Blog/Vlog site



F5 BIG-IP, Python and Docker Security Lab

Python Programming

Python Basics

Web Technologies Basics

Web Application Vulnerabilities

Python for Web Applications

Web Attacks using Python Scripts


Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python
  • Curious about Web Attacks
  • Curious about Penetration Testing

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