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Product Marketing Fundamentals | Udemy
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All the frameworks, skills, & advice you need to forge a career in product marketing. | Product Marketing Certificate

What you’ll learn
Product Marketing Fundamentals
Product Marketing Framework
Product Marketing role broken down
The product lifecycle
How to work with product management
Is product marketing right for you
Product marketing career ladder
The differences between product management & product marketing

The product marketing role is notoriously tricky to pin down and define. The type of product you market, stage of growth your company’s at, industry you’re in, and so much more, can impact how you execute your role.

This fundamentals class brings clarity to the product marketing position to ensure you’re fully up-to-speed with what’s an exciting and multi-faceted role, that sits at the intersection of organizations large and small.

By the end, you’ll walk away with a clear roadmap of the stages you need to nail to successfully get products to market – and keep them there, and a shorthand explanation of how to get the rest of your company to rally around your function.

Once you’re enrolled, you’ll gain access to 3 hours of:

Instructor-led presentations on everything from product marketing frameworks to the product manager and product marketing relationship

In-depth guest footage from product marketing experts from organizations like Lyft & TikTok

Industry-standard frameworks to guide your day-to-day and career progression

Discounts for continued professional PMM development & product marketing certification opportunities.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has an interest in or passion for product marketing. If you’re looking to transition into the industry or are new to the role, it’ll provide you with a solid understanding of not only what’s expected of you, but what you can expect from product marketing.

Somewhat of a product marketing veteran? Not a problem. The product marketing landscape’s constantly evolving and this fundamentals session is centered on only up-to-date info.

Struggling to get the rest of your org to understand what it is you do? Send them on this course. They’ll walk away with an incredibly accurate overview of what it is you do, the impact you deliver, and how you can leverage each other’s skillsets moving forwards.

Why pick Product Marketing Alliance?

We’re home to the world’s largest community of product marketers. By a long stretch.

Everything we do’s centered on the very latest trends, practices and demands we see in our community, so you know you’re only working off cutting-edge info.

Plus, with PMMs at orgs like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Lyft and Adobe in our network, you know you’re working off the very best, tried and tested formulas.

Who this course is for:
product marketing
product management
content marketing
sales enablement
social media



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