PHP with MySQL 2022: Build 5 PHP and MySQL Projects | Udemy

PHP with MySQL 2022: Build 5 PHP and MySQL Projects | Udemy
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Build Cool Projects with PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO

What you’ll learn
Get to know the main functions and common parts of every website
Learn password hashing and de-hashing
Learn how to create, update, delete and display data
Create a full authentication system
Learn the basics of validation and limit the user ability inside the web app
Learn to create a URL shortening service
Train your knowledge as a PHP developer
Build a complete PHP and MySQL gallery
Learn to insert and manipulate images on your app
Learn to send emails professionally and dynamically
Explore top tips and tricks about development in general

Ready to dive into practical web projects? Are you stuck in tutorial hell? want to build your own CV but don’t know how and when to start? If so, this is the right project for you. This course contains five projects for a reason. It covers the most common parts of every web project out there. Even if you are experienced as a developer, you should still give it a shot. and the projects are not similar and that’s the surprise. Every project covers a certain topic.

First of all, we are going to start with probably what every web project has which is the authentication system. It contains a couple of useful parts like validation, password hashing, sessions, and so on. And for the second project, we are going to take a look at the crud app which will help you manipulate data like a pro, set forms, update, delete and create data. The third project is all about building a URL shortening service and that’s pretty simple and yet very practical. We are going to use a bit of Jquery on the way. For the fourth project, which is the largest one of them all, where we are going to integrate our code from the past project (auth system) and we are going to insert images and display them nicely. And that only leaves us with only one project, and that is the email sender that’s one of the most important parts of any kind of development because it will teach you to send emails dynamically. And that’s actually it. Enjoy every little bit of the course!!

Who this course is for:
Every aspiring PHP and MySQL developer
Developers who want to explore web development further
Developers who want create cool projects and to build up their CVs



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