OpenVas Basic to Advanced For Ethical Hacking & Pentesting | Udemy

OpenVas Basic to Advanced For Ethical Hacking & Pentesting | Udemy [Update 12/2022]
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Learn OpenVas GVM from scratch, in Kali Linux, and OpenVas in Cloud, setup advanced scans, alerts, reports.

What you’ll learn
How To Setup OpenVas (GVM) in Kali Linux
OpenVas in Cloud With Greenbone Cloud Services
How To Setup Greenbone Operating Systems (GOS)
How To Perform System Audits
Vulnerability Management Process
How To Generate reports and apply notes and overrides
How To Work With Advanced user management
How To Create and assign Tickets to users
How To Setup Alerts via email and SMB
How To Create Business Process Map
How To Create policies
How To Perform compliance policies
How To Configure advanced filters
Understand SCAP concepts
Social Engeering Red Flags
CIS controls v8 to secure systems
Prioritize Vulnerabilities
SCAP Concepts
How To Update Feeds
How To Setup External Access To OpenVas
How To Fix Issues

With the growing number of cyber attacks, system invasions, data theft, malware attacks such as Ransomware among others, vulnerability management to prevent invasions and ensure information security has become an indispensable task for IT professionals and organizations in general. In addition to implementing security mechanisms to protect oneself, it is necessary to know the vulnerabilities and deal with them. The issue of vulnerability management is so serious that even in the phase of a penetration test or cyber attack, the phase that precedes the invasion, is the discovery of vulnerabilities, i.e. when an attacker wants to attack a system, he will need to know the vulnerabilities and after knowing them, exploit them. Therefore, in this course you will have the opportunity to learn how to find the vulnerabilities in systems, find solutions, and elaborate a mitigation plan for them and implement countermeasures with the best practices guide according to the Center for Internet Security (CIS Control Set), an entity that works to support organizations to implement best practices for asset management and data backup. It is important to know how vulnerability scanners work for better positioning when it comes to decision making after analysis. After completing this course, you will be able to implement and manage OpenVas as well as assign tickets to the different people responsible for each department where vulnerabilities are detected as well as to IT professionals.

Who this course is for:
Network Administrators
Information Technology professionals and students
Curious and everyone who cares about information security
Information security enthusiasts who want to learn how to manage vulnerabilities

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