Microsoft Excel: From Staff to Management (7-Course Bundle) | Udemy

Microsoft Excel: From Staff to Management (7-Course Bundle) | Udemy
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Excel Skills You Can Use for A Range of Professional Projects and Departments

What you’ll learn
Excel skills for employees who wish to work for or at management levels
Learn everyday office skills in Microsoft Excel that can make your job quicker and easier and prove yourself to be an asset to any company
Learn how to apply Excel knowledge to a real-world office projects
Learn how to create budgets in Excel for companies and nonprofit organizations
Learn how to automate calculations across multiple worksheets on a budget
Data visualization for budgets and reports
Excel for Grant Writing and Reporting
Minimize manual work for grant reports by structuring and automating specific required data at your fingertips .
Mass produce bulk materials while still customizing the recipients; letters, forms, and badges with logos
Create calendars, timesheets with more info than typical templates, use embedded Data Entry forms for faster workflows, and more!
Learn how to format and manage an Excel spreadsheets and databases for quicker work processes
Become more efficient and productive on your job or business

Go beyond basic data entry and understand how to use more functions and features in Excel. In this course you’ll learn skills that can be used in various departments and prepare you for higher administrative roles or to assist leadership in grant reporting, human resources, and formatting budget sheets in Excel.

This course list is good for employees and management and can increase the knowledge of employees who seeks to potentially advance to higher levels or take on larger positions for higher pay.

Use all of this information to expand your knowledge and SHOW A RANGE OF SKILLS TO FUTURE BOSSES OR FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT!!

This course is an all-in-one combo course that includes

Creating a Company or Nonprofit Budget

You’ll learn to automate numbers across multiple worksheets

Data Visualization: Charts for Budgets and Reports

Working With Spreadsheets Using Tables Excel Data Entry Quick Forms (for quicker data entry and more efficient automation)

Create Employee Timesheets from Scratch

Unlike most templates, this one will not only calculate hours and pay, but include taxes and benefits as well

Create a Color-Coded Employee Scheduling Calendar

All-Inclusive Mail Merge

Learn to mass produce bulk materials to customized audience, including badges with your company’s logo for events. You can create letters, address labels, return address labels, appointment reminder cards, and name badges with logos without manually typing all data on every single letter, label, or badge. Impress your boss with this knowledge!

Excel for Grant Writing and Reporting (the original workshop, originally sold separately!)

This is a rather quick course list, so you can learn and put to use immediately. You’ll always have the videos and resources at your fingertips to refer back to.

Who this course is for:
This course is good for beginners and experienced office professionals, especially those who manage projects or assist managers on daily office projects. If you’re looking to expand your skills to grow in your career, this will be a great course bundle to have.

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