Make and Makefile for C/C++ Projects [2022 Edition] | Udemy

Make and Makefile for C/C++ Projects [2022 Edition] | Udemy | Udemy
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Learn to master Makefile. Use it in your daily C/C++ workflow!

What you’ll learn
Makefile Targets
Makefile Variables
Makefile Arguments
Set Compiler Flags etc.

Course Description:

Do you want to take the next step as a C/C++ developer to get a professional foothold in these exciting languages?
Then my course is the right one for you.

What are Make and Makefiles?

The compilation of source code files can be controlled with the program make. This is especially useful if it is a large project where the compilation consists of many individual steps and dependencies. The individual steps can be, for example, separate compilations or other file operations such as copying and deleting. Dependencies can be, for example, conditional compilations. These steps and dependencies are combined into a Makefile, which is then processed by the make program.

This course consists of the following topics:

Makefile Hello World

Makefile Targets and Commands

Basic C/C++ Project Structure

Makefile Variables

Command-Line Values for Variables

Compiler, Pre-Processor, and Linker Flags

If, Else Statements in Makefiles

Clean Target and PHONY Targets

Patterns, Wildcards, and Substitutions

Using Sub-Directories for your Project

Wrap-Up of Makefiles

The Tool we will use:

You can use any IDE or Editor, i will use VSCode

You already should have installed Make on your Computer

Also any GCC or Clang should be installed on your system

Windows, Linux or Mac are all fine

Become a professional today, in the technology of tomorrow!

See you in class!

Who this course is for:
Every C and C++ Programmer

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