LinkedIn Learning – Data Management with Apache NiFi

LinkedIn Learning – Data Management with Apache NiFi
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Apache NiFi is designed to automate the flow of data between software systems. If you are a data management professional, this course can give you the understanding you need to get started with this powerful tool. Janani Ravi guides you through getting started with Apache NiFi. Learn about core concepts and architecture, as well as how to download, start, and log into Apache NiFi on both macOS and Windows. Find out how to build and run data flows and how to integrate NiFi with PostgreSQL. Explore ways to configure and use NiFi processors and processing groups and integrate NiFi with Amazon S3. Plus, discover advanced features of NiFi dataflows like configuring back pressure, using a funnel in the dataflow, setting up monitoring and configuring alerts for a dataflow, and much more.

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