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Learn Recruitment & Interviewing Of Digital Marketing Talent | Udemy Update 03/2022
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Recruiters & Hiring Managers, Learn Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Skills For Recruiting Best Digital Marketing Talent

What you’ll learn
Learn how to test a candidates Digital Marketing knowledge and experience
Learn how to check knowledge of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon & LinkedIn
Learn how to test candidates alignment with company’s goals and objectives
Learn how to conduct a fair and structured interview process
Learn how to attract the best talent for your company using sales skills
A list of general and trick questions for any Digital Marketing interview
A list of questions to ask experienced and new digital marketing executives

Need – The course is for recruiters, hiring managers, and entrepreneurs who want to attract and hire best digital marketing talent to their company.

Value – You learn key Digital Marketing concepts, question and answers, and how to conduct an interview in less that $20.

Features –

There is a complete course workbook PDF for you to easily follow along the course and easily review.

There is a list of common and trick questions to ask any candidate.

A list of questions to ask candidates entering the field of digital marketing as well as experienced candidates.

Questions to test knowledge of Digital Marketing platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and LinkedIn.

Lessons on how to conduct a fair and structured interview

What to do before, using and after an interview?

How to sell your firm and attract the best talent.

The course covers all of these amazing features and a lot more to help you quickly learn and start conducting interviews.

The course is inspired by our other Recruitment and Digital Marketing courses, here are few reviews from those courses –

“Very interesting course, covers more of strategy, concepts, tricks, and actual understanding on platform which is what I needed, rather than the whole going through how to do small things first and then try to find the actual strategies and relevant content. Therefore, it is just the perfect digital marketing course.” – Debbie Y.

“Yes – this is absolutely what I’ve been looking for in my business – clear explanation of the platforms and how to begin. Thank you Salil and Peter.” – Janet A.

Who this course is for:
Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Entrepreneurs who need to hire Digital Marketing talent for their company.





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