Kubernetes Tutorial – Complete Guide for Beginners | Udemy

Kubernetes Tutorial – Complete Guide for Beginners | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Understanding about Containers and Container Orchestration using K8s
Architecture of Kubernetes
Concepts of Kubernetes and its services
Building and Managing of Kubernetes Cluster
Deploying Modern Applications

Kubernetes also referred to as K8 has gained significant popularity among the app developers. From being an open-source container-orchestration system to helping programmers for automatic deployment, scaling, and management of the containerized application, Kubernetes has become very important. Apart from these, it provides n number of other advantages like easy availability of services, tools, resource isolation, horizontal scaling and so much more. These & a few other factors have significantly increased the demand of the individuals who are skilled in Kubernetes. Because of this, we have brought this online course that will give you an in-depth understanding of various aspects of Kubernetes.

Why you should take this Course?

It is one of the most comprehensive courses that covers all the essential aspects of Kubernetes. It begins with the simple introduction of this technology and then slowly takes you to the more advanced concepts like Container Orchestration, Node & Cluster, Control Plane Components, Objects & API Concepts, and others. Not only these, but it also teaches you about various aspects of Kubernetes Security & Networking. You will also learn to build a Kubernetes Cluster along with the installation of Kubernetes with Kubeadm & Weavenet. Later, it will give you insights into K8s Core Workloads, ConfigMaps in K8s, Secrets in K8s, Security Compliance checks with Kube-bench, Deployment of WordPress application with MySQL DB & so much more.

This Course Includes-

A basic intro of Kubernetes along with all the tools & features

Kubernetes concepts like Containers, Docker, Container Orchestration, Pods & Containers & others

Kubernetes Security & Networking, Kubernetes Storage & Volume

Building a Kubernetes Cluster

Managing a Kubernetes Cluster

Deploying a Micro-Services Application on Kubernetes, and so much more!

This technology has significantly gained its popularity among developers & it is the perfect time to master Kubernetes. Begin now to learn the Kubernetes in-detail.

Who this course is for:
Students or Beginner/Intermediate Software Engineers



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