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Jetpack Compose for Designers | Design+Code
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Learn about the basics of Jetpack Compose to build an NFT Marketplace Android app with the powerful declarative framework

Jetpack Compose is a relatively new framework provided to us from the wonderful team at Android and Google which allow us to quickly build fast and powerful Android applications. While SwiftUI may be the hot declarative framework for building iOS apps, Jetpack Compose is the Android equivalent of this framework. Unlike SwiftUI which receives major updates once a year, Jetpack Compose gains lots of features continuously throughout the year making it an ideal choice for building Android apps. It’s a great framework simply because of how well we can have an application up and running with just a few lines of code. If you’re coming over from a SwiftUI background, then you’ll have an easy time picking up this framework since there are lots of similarities between the two

This course is meant to introduce you to the Jetpack Compose framework and how you can still build amazing, powerful Android applications using Kotlin and the declarative syntax. I’ll introduce you to some basics of Kotlin and how you can use Android Studio’s previews to quickly set up and visualize your app. We’ll then delve further into Jetpack Compose code to see how we can customize basic view layouts of the app.

In this course, we’ll build a sample NFT Marketplace app. We’ll take a look at how we can use basic view elements like Text and Card, customize buttons and and other elementary views to match our design, and how to load data to make our composable functions dynamic. We’ll also see how we can visually enhance our app by working with Material Icons, Android Theming, and more. Finally, we’ll take a look at how we can use navigation throughout our app to support the default Android controls.

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