iOS 13 & Swift 5: Build an Onboarding, Login/Sign-up flow | Udemy

iOS 13 & Swift 5: Build an Onboarding, Login/Sign-up flow | Udemy
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Genre: eLearning

Develop a highly reusable skeleton app with an effective onboarding and sign up flow using Firebase Authentication

What you’ll learn
Core skills to building a re-useable skeleton app from scratch
Learn to integrate Firebase Authentication SDK
Manage user sessions with Firebase Authentication
Create a high level flow that includes onboarding flow, login and sign up
Code refactoring and optimisation
Create a collection view with page control
Transit to different screens by changing the root view controller

Welcome to the iOS 13 & Swift 5: Build an Onboarding Login/Sign-up flow course with Firebase Authentication.

This course is designed for beginners (6 months of experience) who wants to acquire a core foundation on building an app skeleton end to end. The course provides you with the thought process and skillset to build a functional skeleton app that can be used for most types of apps that require an onboarding screen, login and sign up screen – all integrated with Firebase.

Who this course is for:
Students who have at least 6 months of experience working with Swift and iOS
Students who want to learn to build a functional app from scratch

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