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Introduction to IPv6 Bootcamp (IPv6)
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The Introduction to IPv6 Bootcamp (IPv6) Cisco Training on Demand course is designed to help students who are already familiar with IPv4 addressing and routing to understand the differences with IPv6 addressing and routing. The course begins by explaining the IPv6 addressing structure as well as some new protocols in IPv6 that replace ARP and DHCP such as IPv6 Neighbor Discovery. Different types of IPv6 addresses are discussed so that students can learn to recognize the differences between IPv6 Multicast, Link-Local, and Unicast addresses. Beyond addressing, these modules also introduce students to IPv6 Access-Lists and basic routing with IPv6 RIP (RIPng) and IPv6 OSPF (OSPFv3).


Configure IPv6 global and private addresses on router interfaces
Examine the operation of autoconfig and how the EUI-64 keyword affects the interface ID
Predict the format of Link-Local addresses and interface IDs
Use debug output to view the router advertisements and neighbor discovery after an IPv6 ping
Configure OSPFv3 using multiple areas such as stubby areas and not-so-stubby areas (NSSA)
Configure OSPF neighbors across an NBMA Frame Relay network
Configure RIPng for IPv6
Perform bidirectional redistribution for OSPFv3 into RIPng



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