Game Development for beginners with Python | Udemy

Game Development for beginners with Python | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn game development using Python
Create a flappy bird clone from scratch
Learn to create game surfaces
Learn to mount surfaces
Learn how to place images on surfaces
Learn collision detection
Learn to add scoring to game
Learn basic animation of images
Learn how to move objects in game
Learn how to implement game event and event loops
Learn to create functions
Learn to use conditional statements
Learn to iterate over a list with for loops
Learn to create while loop
Learn to create variables
Learn how to import modules and packages
Learn to add sound effects to game
Learn how to spawn objects
Learn how to use the random module to choose random numbers
Learn how to rotate objects
Learn how to trigger USEREVENTS

Python is a very versatile modern programming language and in this course you will learn basic game development using a python library called pygame. We will be creating a clone version of the very popular game called flappy bird that made a lot of money for it’s developer few years ago.

Creating a flappy bird clone from scratch will teach you some very useful practical skills in game development that you can use to create your own games in future.

Course Objectives:

Gain practical experience in Python game development

Develop a clone of Flappy Bird using Python game programming

Create game surfaces and main display screen

Create basic animation

Check for events and how to trigger a response

Add scoring to game

Import images onto their own surfaces and embed them in rectangles

Position objects on game screen

Spawn objects that are triggered by a timer

Add sound effects to game

Position objects on screen using coordinates

Who this course is for:
Beginners to game development

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