Functional Programming in JavaScript: A Practical Guide | Udemy

Functional Programming in JavaScript: A Practical Guide | Udemy
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Finally, understand the concepts of functional programming in JavaScript.

What you’ll learn
Functional programming techniques you can apply right now.
Concepts that define a functional programming approach.
The difference between an OOP approach and a functional approach in JavaScript.
JavaScript libraries such a Lodash and Ramda that support a functional approach.
Techniques such as currying, cloning and composition done using vanilla JavaScript.
JavaScript concepts critical to understanding functional programming.
Creating pure functions that avoid mutations and side effects.
Declarative programming.
Avoiding shared state and mutations.

Are you wanting to learn how to apply functional programming to JavaScript? Have the concepts been a bit difficult to grasp? Are you not quite sure how functional programming differs from other approaches in JavaScript? Do you want to get started with functional programming? If so, this course is for you!

The functional programming paradigm was difficult, at first, for me to grasp and implement. Therefore, I wanted to create a course that would help others make the leap and begin applying functional programming techniques into their own code. In this course you will learn techniques that you can apply today. But remember, you don’t need to implement everything immediately. Implement those things that make sense and grow into it slowly.

In this course I have taken the approach of dissecting a definition of functional programming and using that definition as the structure of the course. We will break it down into pieces. Focus on those pieces and the techniques you can use right away. Each new concept will build on the previous concepts. And in the end you will see all the concepts come together.

If you learn by doing, this course gives you plenty of chances to work on an exercise and then sit back and watch as I go through the exercise. Jump in today and begin learning functional programming concepts in JavaScript!

Who this course is for:
JavaScript developers that want to learn functional programming techniques and concepts.



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