Filmmaking 101 – Get Started Here | Udemy

Filmmaking 101 – Get Started Here | Udemy
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Learn the basics of filmmaking: From operating a camera to script writing, colour grading and visual effects!

What you’ll learn
How To Operate a DSLR Camera
Basic Editing
Basic Colour Grading
Basic Lighting Set Up & Design
Visual Effects & When To Use
Script Writing

Movie making can be complicated. There are so many different departments involved – where do you even begin? And let’s not even talk about the budget or lack thereof (gulps). Maybe you don’t want to make your own film, but you’d love to do the visual effects for a friend. You still need to know how to operate a camera and colour grade if you want your visual effects looking realistic. THIS COURSE will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of filmmaking:

Operate a DSLR camera – from set up to understanding how a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera works.

Cinematography – the importance of angles and lighting in achieving a cinematic look.

Colour Grading – the professional edge to get your raw footage looking great on screen.

Visual Effects – why and when to use visual effects and the basics of a green screen.

Write A Great Script – how to transform an idea into a 50 page nail-biting script.

Once you’ve completed the above steps your film will need to be exported BUT before you export…

What resolution did you edit in?

What is the frame rate of your footage?

Why does it feel like your film is dragging?

We cover all these elements to help you become successful in your filmmaking journey!

Who this course is for:
Beginners Course.

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