Excel made easy | Udemy

Excel made easy | Udemy
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Microsoft Excel, create basic formulas

What you’ll learn
Learn all about the Microsoft Excel Interface
Learn to customize cells, rows and columns
Learn to create different types of Formulas
Learn to create charts
Learn more formulas and charts

The course sets out to make Learning Microsoft Excel easy. Students will use the power of Excel for Data presentation. Excel Interface: This module will provide an overview of the Excel interface, including the ribbon, cells, worksheets, and workbook. Students will learn how to navigate and customize the Excel interface to suit their needs. Learn to hide and unhide columns, rows and use the zoom function. Learn to customize cells, enter data, Basic Formulas: This module will cover basic Excel formulas, including mathematical formulas, text formulas, and logical formulas. Students will learn how to use formulas to perform calculations and manipulate data in Excel. Charts: This module will cover the basics of creating charts in Excel, including bar charts, line charts, and pie charts. Students will learn how to add chart elements such as Chart titles. You will learn to master more formulas such as Percentage, Absolute cell reference and count. You will learn to use multiple formulas and to do a IF statement. Data Management: This module will cover basic data management in Excel, including sorting and filtering data Students will learn how to organize and manage data in Excel. Those who find Excel intimidating will find the step by step instructions useful.

Who this course is for:
Beginners who want to unlock the power of Microsoft Excel
Those who find Microsoft Excel intimidating
Those who want to take Excel skills to the next level



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