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How to build a digital recruitment strategy, Pitfalls to avoid in digital recruitment, KPls for digital recruitment etc

What you’ll learn
fully digital recruitment and selection process
Five essential digital recruitment tools for human resource teams
Key performance indicators for successful digital recruitment campaign
Steps to gain competitive advantage through recruitment
Ways to create a value for money recruitment strategy
Tips for launching digital recruitment strategy
Pitfalls to avoid in digital recruitment
How to build a digital recruitment strategy
Five ways to boost employee engagement through techology
Ways to use technology to increase employee retention
Strategies to help employees adapt to new technology in the work place

The impact of technology is aiding the recruitment process and also help in the effective and efficient running of business to ensure success, in the nutshell, digital recruitment is when you use technology and online world to source, attract, analyze, and ultimately hire candidates for your vacancies. There is always a great difference between digital recruitment and regular recruitment. Digital recruitment add a couple of tweaks, it takes your recruitment strategy from good to great, adding an extra layer of development in the technological world, which include job board targeting remote talent, job description with specific skills for virtual employees, interview accommodation such as Skype and online tests, technology adjustment for the entire team.

Digital recruitment has done so many good to both the employer and potential employees, employers can reap the benefits of a virtual workforce such as increase in worker productivity, decrease in absenteeism, less burnout and, therefore turnover, higher company morale, lower office cost and, therefore, less impact on the environment, wider talent pools and better employer branding. Getting perfect remote candidate is very important, remote employees will look different than on -site ones. Examples of things to look for during digital recruitment are self – discipline, results-based tasks, less need supervision and micro-management, great written communication skills, Tech setup and knowledge, flexibility in schedule and thinking and time management. Building a strong social media presence is very important in getting the right potential employees to recruit for the best candidate.

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Recruiters, hiring professionals, CEO, directors, HR consultants, employees, employment agencies, businessmen, self employed, online HR teams, students, everybody etc



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