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Core Data in iOS | Udemy [Update 10/2022]
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Covers MVVM, SwiftUI, CloudKit

What you’ll learn
Core Data development in iOS Apps
Core Data with SwiftUI framework
Core Data Syncing with CloudKit

Core Data is a framework, which can persist objects graph to a designated store, including SQLite, XML, Binary and In-Memory. In this course, you will learn how to use the Core Data with your iOS apps implemented in SwiftUI framework.

  • Getting Started with Core Data and Performing CRUD Operations
  • Core Data Building Blocks
  • Understanding MVVM Design Pattern
  • Core Data and MVVM
  • Transformable Types
  • Relationships – One to Many
  • Relationships – Many to Many
  • Fetching Data from Core Data Store
  • FetchedResultsController and @FetchRequest
  • Core Data in Multithreaded Environment
  • Syncing Core Data with CloudKit
  • Migrations

After completing this course you will be ready to build your first Core Data app for iOS platform.


  • macOS Catalina or above
  • Xcode 14 or above

Don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of the amazing reviews for my other courses.

Great course, Azam skips the basic stuff yet does CLEARLY explain the important concepts that most courses miss or fail to provide clear details about. It looks like he keeps the course up to date as well, either by adding updated lessons or notes explaining changes in the swift framework in the notes.

This course was above my expectations indeed. Very valuable, and thank you Azam.

The last 6 months I’ve followed many courses, but this Section by far has helped my understanding of ObseravableObject, @State etc.Im sure I’m going to run into some problems putting this into practice, but at least I have this course to come back to reference.

As every course by Azam is awesome, full of information and Great explanations and examples, simply amazing. Azam is such a Great Teacher, if you really want to learn and make good use of your money, he is the right Choice.

Mohammad Azam, Thank you so much for your contribution on this course. It is a very awesome course which provides step by step from beginner to advanced. There are a lot of mini projects inside. I learn a lot from this course. Thank you so much once again.

I had so much fun working on this course and I am sure you will enjoy it too. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Who this course is for:

  • iOS developers who want to learn Core Data
  • iOS developers who wants to use MVVM pattern with SwiftUI to access Core Data



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