Code With Mosh – Python Programming for Developers

Code With Mosh – Python Programming for Developers
English | Tutorial | Size: 14.18 GB

Tired of being treated like a beginner when it comes to learning Python? Learn Python in 10 hours

Fast-track course to learn Python

Finally, a Python course that doesn’t insult your intelligence and assume you know nothing.

Let’s face it, you know what a variable and function are – you don’t need me to tell you! That’s why this course is designed to be different. It’s a specialist crash course for developers that gets you up-to-speed in no time.

Why Learn Python?

Boost your existing skills – growing demand for Python developers
It’s versatile – Mathematicians, scientists and engineers use it for various applications
Easier to master than languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, etc.
Universities teach it – both in computer science and other courses
Big companies use it – Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Reddit, Spotify, Quora, etc.
Runs cross-platform – Python apps work on Windows, Mac, Linux

What can you do with Python?

Scripting – easily automate repetitive tasks e.g. web crawling, sending emails.
App backends – use Python frameworks to build app backends fast with less code
AI & machine learning – number 1 language in this field – big library & data collection
Data analysis & visualization – perfect for today’s big data world
Computation & calculation – simple syntax & many powerful libraries – scientists, engineers, mathematicians can focus on creating algorithms, formulae, etc.
Desktop apps – Dropbox desktop app is written in Python! Need I say more?!
Education – Python is popular globally in schools, colleges, universities. It’s so simple that young kids can pick it up, but so powerful PHD students use it.

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