ChatGPT Complete Guide: for Developers, Students and Workers | Udemy

ChatGPT Complete Guide: for Developers, Students and Workers | Udemy
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Learn How to Use AI as a Learning Assistant, Tutor, boost your business and develop using the API and code generation

What you’ll learn
ChatGPT technology explained
ChatGPT for students (boost learning)
ChatGPT for workers (generating content)
ChatGPT for developers (using ChatGPT API)
ChatGPT Theory
ChatGPT Practice
ChatGPT for Developers (Create code in major programming languages)

Learn the Theory of ChatGPT as an NLP and Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback.

Learn GPT for Education.

What are ChatGPT Strengths and Limitations.

The best Use Cases of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT for Students (as Learning Assistant and AI Tutor).

Develop your method to interact with ChatGPT.

Best practices.

Student should need to learn how to interact. To find a learning style. And discover AI limitations.

Student should be able to understand the boundaries and AI alignment to be retributed with valuable data, that needs to be verified.

Why ChatGPT is an AI Tutor and will NEVER replace a human tutor?

ChatGPT for business (Do content Generation and co-authoring with AI to boost your marketing).

Do content generation.


Marketing Use Cases.

How to rigorously validate the responses with trusted sources.


Content generation


Classification, categorization, and sentiment analysis

Data extraction


ChatGPT for developers:

Create your App and connect to OpenAI API.

Do text completition.

Do classification, Categorization and Sentiment Analysis with the API by providing.

Create some generic code in some major languages to practice, always making your research if it meets Industry Standards.

Use ChatGPT to create Python Code.

Empower your narrative with AI.

WITH AI Powering Education,

Programming and Business.

Anyone can start CREATING like


We will continuously improve this course with new lessons.


Who this course is for:
Students that want to learn at faster rates using AI
Workers that want to produce more and automate laborious tasks with AI
Developers that want to interact with ChatGPT API to build apps
Developers that want to create code and infer if is Good Enough for Industry Standards

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