Candlestick analysis (SECRETS that books won’t teach) | Udemy

Candlestick analysis (SECRETS that books won’t teach) | Udemy
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Learn hands on, the psychology behind candlestick pattern trading through Umpteen Chart examples!

What you’ll learn
To understand the language of candle stick patterns
How and why patterns are formed
Reversal patterns and continuation pattern
Examples and explanations through

Learn how to read Candlestick chart patterns. When to trade on such patterns and when not to trade.

In this course we are going to study reversal patterns as well continuation pattern.

Moreover we are going to get into the deep psychology of why such patterns form and how to assess the trades we take on it.

Learn from live chart examples. Every pattern will be discussed on a chart, on why it is forming, whether it is a good trade or not. We are going to study the same in different time frames and various market conditions

Looking at Data, news, and numerous indicators can clog your mind as well as your logic. What if there was a simpler way to find good trades. Candlestick patterns act as a great tool to provide an insight into the prices and can work great to predict, forecast its future move.

People make a lot of mistakes when they see patterns. They just press the fire button. But what about the backstory, what about the location at where the pattern is forming? We are going to learn all of this in the course so our learning is faster and mistakes tinier.

Before enrolling students must know the basics of candle formation, the open and the close.

Who this course is for:
This course is for people interested in the art of price action trading
For traders looking to understand the language of candle stick patterns and the art of trading on it

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