Build a Movie Review App Node & React – MERN Stack 2022 | Udemy

Build a Movie Review App Node & React – MERN Stack 2022 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Actual hand on hand practice of React, Node JS, Express, Cloudinary and MongoDB
Create a beautiful web UI using Hot indemand tech React & Tailwind CSS
To put all the pieces together you have learned so far
To create a project which will make your portfolio stronger than ever.
New tips and tricks on the MongoDB, React, Node JS and the Cloud

Welcome to this real world practical guide where we are going to practice our MERN or Full Stack Skills by building a Movie Review App like imdb. Where we will have our own API, admin panel to upload movies and the app for normal users. This course is for those who really want to learn the core concepts without using any libraries. We will use Node.js, Express, React (functional components), MongoDB, Tailwind, Mailtrap, Cloudinary, Sendinblue etc. We will build the entire frontend with React Functional components and Context API.

Inside this course we will build an advance movie review app like IMDB where you will have your own admin pannel to upload movies and users can rate the movie from 1 to 10. As admin you can see the progress, add, update or delete the movies.

Also you can create new actors whom you can then add inside movies as they are the actors of that particular movie. At the frontend we are going to create an advance UI like slider, live search, rating models, multiple forms, and many more using React JS and Tailwind CSS.

Building complete backend API with Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Cloudinary.

Role Based Authentication (Admin & Normal User).

User Authentication With Email Verification.

Protected Routes According to Role.

Password Reset Route.

Cloud Storage for Images and Videos

Advanced MongoDB Aggregation Concepts.

Building our Admin Panel With React & Tailwind.

Advance Form with complex validation and live search fields.

Custom auto scroll slider to display featured movies.

Building Complex UI with just React & Context API.

Handling Complex Form Without any library.

To Build this project we are going to Windows System.

Who is this course for.

This course is NOT for those who don’t know anything about React and Node JS. This course is mainly for those people who want to practice their Full Stack Skills. If you already know a little bit of React and how to install node js inside your computer you can easily enroll into this course and rest you can leave it to me.


All of this course is recorded on windows machine so take this course only if you can install Node, MongoDB and Github on Mac or Linux.

Who this course is for:
Who wants to practice MERN skills
Who want to became a Full Stack developer




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