BaseLaravel – A Field Guide for Streamlining Laravel Code (PREMIUM KIT)

BaseLaravel – A Field Guide for Streamlining Laravel Code (PREMIUM KIT)
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A field guide course for streamlining Laravel code (PREMIUM KIT). I am writing Laravel since version 4.1. During this time I have automated the upgrade of 30,000 Laravel applications and personally upgraded hundreds of Laravel codebases. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of this, it’s that using the conventions and features provided by Laravel makes building and maintaining your Laravel applications easier. But, it’s not always that clear. There are a variety of ways to write your application code. Even Laravel offers multiple ways to do the same thing. So how do we choose? In BaseCode, I focus on methods that provide less complex and readable code. It lays a foundation. But what does it look like in Laravel? I’ve been sharing ways to simplify Laravel on Twitter recently. These have received a lot of likes and generated good discussions. So I took these and other simple lines and expanded them to create a free field guide. That’s right, free! BaseLaravel articulates a set of core principles that serve as the motivation behind all efforts to simplify Laravel applications. This is not a book, it is a field guide. BaseLaravel applies everyday practices to everyday code. No fluff no theory I recreate real world code to show code evolution. Each topic is neatly organized into a chapter. You don’t need to read it cover to cover. You can choose your own adventure. If you have a code base with many controllers, read Controllers. Stuck in the data layer, read Models. Read Views while building many Blade patterns.

What you will learn in the course A field guide for streamlining Laravel code (PREMIUM KIT).
Write code that is readable by humans, not computers
Follow Laravel conventions and the forum
Introducing objects to encapsulate complexity
Abstract large components into Laravel backend components
Avoid complex application components by respecting MVC
Improved code flow with symmetry
Make your Laravel applications easier to maintain
Re-factoring is an incremental process and not instantaneous



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