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AWS Interview Guide – Review 50 AWS Services in 5 Hours | Udemy [Update 09/2022]
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Start Your AWS Interview Preparation in 5 Hours. Get Cloud Computing Interview Ready.

What you’ll learn
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Explore Important AWS Services
Explore AWS Architectural Best Practices

AWS is the most popular cloud platform today.

How do you quickly prepare for an AWS interview?

That’s the GOAL of this course: GET YOU READY for your AWS INTERVIEW

Demonstrating good knowledge of AWS is important for cloud interviews – irrespective of the position you are applying to – Developer, Senior Developer, Tech Lead, or an Architect. You might have a great deal of experience working with AWS. You might even hold an AWS certification.

But, when you attend an AWS interview, you might not remember everything you’ve learned earlier.

How do you quickly review the important AWS concepts and services?

NOTE: This course is NOT an AWS 101 course. We expect you to have some experience working with AWS before.

Are you ready to quickly prepare for an AWS interview?

What are you waiting for?

Join me on this exciting journey right now.

I will see you in the course!


Getting Started with Cloud and AWS

  • Step 01 – Why Cloud? Why AWS?
  • Step 02 – Understanding Regions and Availability Zones

AWS Interview – Getting Started with Compute Services in AWS

  • Step 01 – Understanding IaaS and PaaS
  • Step 02 – Exploring Containers and Container Orchestration
  • Step 03 – Exploring Serverless
  • Step 04 – Choosing a Compute Service in AWS
  • Step 05 – Exploring EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud – Compute in AWS
  • Step 06 – Exploring EC2 Pricing Models
  • Step 07 – Scaling EC2 instances in AWS – ELB, and ASG
  • Step 08 – Understanding Best Practices with EC2 and ELB in AWS
  • Step 09 – Exploring PaaS Compute Services in AWS – Elastic Beanstalk, ECS and EKS
  • Step 10 – Exploring Serverless Compute with AWS Lambda

AWS Interview – Exploring Databases and Storage Services in AWS

  • Step 01 – Exploring Relational Databases in AWS – RDS, Aurora, and Redshift
  • Step 02 – Exploring NoSQL Databases
  • Step 03 – Understanding DynamoDB – Most Popular NoSQL Database in AWS
  • Step 04 – Exploring Block and File Storage in AWS – EBS, and EFS
  • Step 05 – Exploring Object Storage in AWS – Amazon S3
  • Step 06 – Exploring Hybrid Storage in AWS – Storage Gateway

AWS Interview – Exploring Identity and Networking Services in AWS

  • Step 01 – Exploring IAM – Identity and Access Management in AWS
  • Step 02 – Understanding IAM Best Practices
  • Step 03 – Encrypting Data in AWS with KMS and Cloud HSM
  • Step 04 – Exploring Networking in AWS – VPC and Subnets
  • Step 05 – Exploring Networking in AWS – NACL, Direct Connect, and VPN

AWS Interview – Exploring DevOps Services in AWS

  • Step 01 – Exploring DevOps and CI CD in AWS
  • Step 02 – Exploring Infrastructure as Code in AWS – CDK, CloudFormation, and SAM
  • Step 03 – Exploring Operations in AWS – CloudWatch and X-ray
  • Step 04 – Exploring Release Management in AWS – CodeDeploy
  • Step 05 – Exploring Application Configuration Management in AWS – AppConfig, Parameter Store, and Secrets

AWS Interview – Other Important Services in AWS

  • Step 01 – Exploring Asynchronous Communication in AWS with SQS and SNS
  • Step 02 – Exploring Content Delivery and Routing in AWS
  • Step 03 – Exploring Management Services in AWS
  • Step 04 – Managing Costs in AWS – Managed Services and Best Practices
  • Step 05 – Exploring Security in AWS

Digital Transformation and Migrating to AWS

  • Step 01 – Understanding Digital Transformations and the role of Cloud
  • Step 02 – Exploring Migration of Applications and Data to AWS

Quick Exploration of Big Data and Machine Learning in AWS

  • Step 01 – Exploring Big Data in AWS – Datawarehouse, Data Lake, and Streaming Data
  • Step 02 – Exploring Machine Learning in AWS

Quick Review of AWS Well-Architected Framework and AWS Services

  • Step 01 – Understanding AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Step 02 – Quick Review of Important AWS Services

Who this course is for:

  • You are preparing for an AWS interview
  • You want a quick review of Important AWS Services


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