AWS CDK for professionals (Py and TS) | Udemy

AWS CDK for professionals (Py and TS) | Udemy
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Write Infrastructure as Code with Python, TypeScript or other languages. Use AWS CDK and CloudFormation like a pro!

What you’ll learn
AWS CDK in a proffesional manner
Write Infrastructure as Code with Python or TypeScript
AWS CloudFormation – beginner and intermediate topics
DevOps for AWS with CDK and GitHub Actions
Build Serverless apps with ApiGateway, DynamoDb and Lambda
Configure serverless apps with CDK
CDK tools, introduction and configuration for Python
CDK tools, introduction and configuration for TypeScript
CDK testing with Pytest or Jest
Handle different AWS CDK construct levels(L1, L2, L3)
CDK best practices
Web project deployment with AWS CLoudFront and CDK

This course is designed to teach how to use AWS CDK as a professional. You can start to migrate your cloud infrastructure to CDK right after course completion.

The course contains code examples for Python and TypeScript, but you can enroll even if you plan to use CDK with another language, singe most topics are presented at an abstract level and you can easily apply the course material for your preferred programming language, maybe Java, C# or Go.

Main course topics:

Tools required for CDK: AWS account, IAM user for console access, AWS CLI configuration

CDK introduction:

AWS CloudFormation intro and intermediate topics

CDK console commands like init, synth, deploy, destroy, doctor

Exploring the generated project with CDK init

Use Python to write infrastructure as code

Use Typescript to write infrastructure as code

Understand the different level of CDK constructs – L1, L2, L3

The mental model behind CDK – with CloudFormation intrinsic functions

CDK intermediate topics:

CloudFormation and CDK ids

Intrinsic functions practice with Python and Typescript

How to handle multiple CloudFormation stacks

Python and Typescript cross stack references

Practice session: Serverless API with ApiGateway, Lambda and DynamoDb:

Configure the serverless app infrastructure

Configure aws Lambda for Python and Typescript

Write DynamoDB queries with boto3 for Python

Write DynamoDB queries with aws-sdk for typescript

Solve the CORS issue for APIs accessed by browsers

Practice session: CloudWatch metrics and Alarms

Learn AWS cloud watch features like metrics, alarms and logs

Configure and webhook lambda with Python or TypeScript

Write Infrastructure as Code for the alarm metrics with CDK

Practice session: CICD and web deployment

Use CDK to configure web deployment with AWS Cloud Front and s3

Implement CICD with GitHub actions

Configure CICD for Python and Typescript

Configure an IAM user for GitHub (not Administrator)

CDK testing:

Write tests for infrastructure as code and run them with Pytest or Jest

Learn about fine grained assertions, matchers, captors and snapshot testing

Analyze the Cloud Formation outputs and generated templates in order to understand the tests

Use best practices when testing infrastructure as code

Other CDK topics: tags, aspects, patterns.

Why this course stands out from other Udemy courses:

Beyond the basics – after finish, you can directly use this knowledge into production code

Practical knowledge – presentations are kept to a minimum, we focus on what is really important

Logical and flexible structure – take the course at your own pace

Fast paced, concise, most typing cut out – focus on explanations – respect for your time

Code changes in each lecture on Git with code diffs

Big font, dark background, full HD content, this way it is readable even on a small screen or even tablet.

Lifetime access

Certificate of completion to present to your current or prospective employer

Q&A active instructor

Go beyond the theory and learn from an active instructor, aligned with today’s programming demands!

Who this course is for:
Developers who want to write infrastructure as code with CDK
Anywane who wants to learn AWS in a fun and dynamic way, not from the console, but with CODE



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