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AutoCAD – Autodesk Certified Professional | Udemy [Update 07/2020]
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All commands/features you need to know to pass Autodesk Certified Professional Exam in AutoCAD

What you’ll learn
Learn AutoCAD commands that will help you pass Autodesk Certified Professional exam.
Commands and features that are useful in the daily career of an engineer, draughtsman or architect.
Manipulating and drawing objects in different ways.
Creating blocks and block attributes.
Adding layers.
Using the layout view and model workspace.
Drawing in isometric view.
Using annotations.
Printing/plotting and BatchPlot.

This course is for those who are pursuing or trying to enhance their career as an engineer, architect or a draughtsman. It is designed to cover all the commands and features that will enable you to not only pass the Autodesk Certified Professional exam in AutoCAD, but also help you produce drawings efficiently in your daily job.

You will be learning how to draw, add layers, create an attribute block, set-up and surf the layout view and model workspace, draw in isometric view, add annotations, print/plot and many more essential topics will be discussed in this course.

Who this course is for:
Engineers, draughtsmen and architects.



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