70+ JavaScript Challenges: Data Structures & Algorithms | Udemy

70+ JavaScript Challenges: Data Structures & Algorithms | Udemy
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Build better foundational skills as a developer by doing challenges and learning about data structures and algorithms

What you’ll learn
Explore 70+ coding challenges from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
Ace coding interviews by learning how to solve problems with iteration, recursion, array methods & more
Master data structures like stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, maps and hash maps
Learn about sorting algorithms like bubble sort, insertion, merge and quick sort
Full sandbox with explanations and Jest tests for every challenge
You do NOT have to take on the challenges alone. Follow along and learn from the explanations

Most of my students know me for my practical, project-based courses and tutorials. I wanted to create something to give you more fundamental skills for problem solving. That’s where the idea for this challenges course came from. I want to take my down-to-earth explanations to help you get a better understanding of the code that you write and help you write more efficient code.

This course is for all levels as long as you have a basic understanding of things like loops, functions, arrays, etc. We are writing JavaScript in this course, but about 95% of it can translate to any other language. So even if you are a Python, PHP or C# developer, you can still follow along.

Basic Challenges:

We start with a bunch of basic challenges that have to do with iteration and loops. Things like FizzBuzz and string reversals. These are very popular questions for entry-level interviews. We also move on to solving problems with high order array methods like filter and map.


Recursion is one of the toughest things to learn in programming. We have an entire section dedicated to it with challenges that we solve using recursion.

Time & Space Complexity:

We talk about how to measure an algorithm or function’s efficiency by using time and space complexity to see how the runtime and memory scale when inscreasing the input.

Data Structures: Stacks, Queues, Trees, Linked Lists, Graphs, HashMaps

We go over all of the common data structures and create our own implementation of them using JavaScript classes, but like I said, you could use any language. We also learn how to traverse them and complete challenges using them.

Sorting Algorithms:

We get into different sorting algorithms like bubble sort, insertion, selection, merge and quick sort. These are popular topics for interviews.

Who this course is for:
Developers that want to build better foundational problem solving skills and pass job interviews





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